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Do you have OR are you using the right tool to help maximize your internal process?

To achieve a positive outcome with a targeted focus,  your entire automotive sales process will need the right tool to improve significantly. This is the reason why, we created BoomCRM within dealerships.

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Are you using enough technology in your dealership?

Technology is shaking up every sector of the sale is no exception. The ways sellers communicate, gather information about potential and current customers, and keep records of customers and transactions have fundamentally changed with technology.

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Did you know that with Facebook for example, you can...

Display your inventory – Book appointments – Communicate with customers – Provide job opportunities – And so much more

What is your preferred method of communication?

With Boom CRM, everything is possible.

Your business will provide customers with various portals for communication (telephone, email, SMS, and social media), allowing them to select their method of choice.  

BoomTel is an automated telephone system integrated into our CRM. BoomTel allows you to listen and record all calls instantly, even from a cellular telephone. When using Boom CRM, you will be able to reply to all messages coming from Facebook Messenger and Marketplace directly through BoomCRM without having to log into Facebook.

Your written discussion will be automatically recorded and saved in the customer’s file.

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All managers get a global vision of current and potential customers, which allows them to work more effectively in collaboration and better coordinate the activities of their teams.

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Selecting a specialized CRM system should not have to be a large expense.

We can offer you a complete solution at the best price. We are people who work in the automotive industry and only cater to car dealerships, so we understand your everyday reality. That is why with Boom CRM, we offer a focused solution at an affordable cost. 

  • Your simple solution is right here    
  • Easily connect to your DMS     
  • Confirm appointments through SMS 
  • With the integration of your DMS, an automatic SMS will be sent out for your CSI
  • Respond to messages on Facebook (Messenger and Marketplace) directly in BoomCRM      
  • Call your customers directly in BoomCRM
  • And so much more…
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